The New SAT is here.

CollegeBoard will soon be administering a redesigned SAT for college applicants starting 2015. This new exam is designed to assess the most important indicators of college readiness. The new test focuses on content that is relevant in college and the workforce.

What’s New?

No More Flash Cards

The redesigned SAT has shifted away from testing students’ knowledge of obscure vocabulary words toward testings students’ ability to identify words from a broad range of subjects in context.

Synthesizing Multiple Sources

Students will now be asked to interpret information from charts, tables and graphs for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections of the redesigned SAT.

Brand new Essay

Every Essay on the redesigned SAT will ask students to explain how the author of a the given passage built his/her argument to persuade an audience. The Essay is also now optional 50. Finally, the score given by the three different graders will now be shown separately rather than averaged together.

Introducing Science, History and Social Studies

Although the redesigned SAT does not have a Science, History or Social Studies section, students will find content from these areas intertwined with their Reading, Writing and even Math sections of the redesigned SAT.

Drawing on Historical Texts

The redesigned SAT now guarantees that students will encounter at least one great text from what the College Board calls “The Great Global Conversation.”

No Penalty for Guessing

The College Board has removed the quarter-point penalty for incorrect answers.

SAT Exam Dates

October 3, 2015

Current SAT (2400) & Subject Tests

November 7, 2015

Current SAT (2400) & Subject Tests

December 5, 2015

Current SAT (2400) & Subject Tests

January 23, 2016

Current SAT (2400) & Subject Tests

March 5, 2016

Redesigned SAT (No Subject Tests)

May 7, 2016

Redesigned SAT & Subject Tests

June 4, 2016

Redesigned SAT & Subject Tests



The Structure

Section 1: Reading Test

Time Allotted: 65 Minutes
Number of Questions: 52

The reading section of the SAT tests students on rhetoric, synthesis, and information/ideas. The exam will have one US & world literature passage, two history & social studies passages, and two science passages. Passages will no longer be taken from obscure texts and will come with citations for the source.

Section 2: Writing & Language Test

Time Allotted: 35 Minutes
Number of Questions: 44

The writing & language section of the SAT will ask students to understand expression of ideas and standard english conventions. The exam will contain one “careers” passage, one history/ social studies passage, one humanities passage, and one science passage. Passages will be written by CollegeBoard with varying levels of difficulty.

Section 3: Mathematics Test, No Calculator

Time Allotted: 25 Minutes
Number of Questions: 20

This mathematics section will test student’s understanding of Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Advanced Math (Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus) without the use of a calculator. The questions will include both multiple choice and grid-in questions.

Section 4: Mathematics Test, With Calculator

Time Allotted: 55 Minutes
Number of questions: 38

This mathematics section will cover the same topics of mathematics as section 3 of the SAT exam, but students are allowed to use their calculators. The questions of this section also includes both multiple choice and grid-in questions.

Section 5: Essay (Optional)

Time Allotted: 50 Minutes
Number of Questions: 20

The essay will ask students to read a passage and write an analysis piece of how the author builds an argument to persuade the audience. The essay must use details from the passage to support the analysis.

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