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I signed up to take AP Chemistry my junior year in high school and knew it would be tough, so I preemptively decided to be tutored in the subject before the year began. I was paired up with Cyril, a med school student at Yale. He was efficient and effective as a chemistry tutor, helping me in all aspects of the course – there was a clear emphasis on making sure I actually learned the material before moving on to the next topic. Many of my friends and peers found themselves struggling with the course material mid-way through the year, but with Bulldog Tutor’s help, it was a breeze. This being said, the true benefit of my experience was not in the tutoring, but in the relationship I built with Cyril. We discussed college, standardized test taking strategies, and time management, but we also talked about friendship and life. I found our discussions to be mutualistic too. It seemed as if we could both help each other to learn something new, whether it was inside or outside the classroom. Bulldog Tutor’s offers excellent tutoring, but so do dozens of companies. What sets it apart from its competition is that it offers a unique opportunity for students to find a mentor and a friend and, to me at least, that is invaluable.
Bobby D., Madison, CT
I needed a tutor for my physics class junior year. I was assigned to Michael Newcomer as my tutor for the entire year; he helped me tremendously. He went over my homework with me, helped me prepare for tests, and taught me material in advance so that I would be familiar with it once I went to class the next day. Overall, I felt a lot more confident when I went into that science class and was able to understand a lot more concepts than if I did not have Michael as a tutor.
Lexi, Westport, CT
Bulldog Tutors helped me become more educated and prepared for both the SAT’s and ACT’s. Both of my tutors, Dan Rosa and Mike Newcomer, spent a great deal of time to make sure I fully understood each question I had, and led me to understand material that I was not confident about. They both took their time explaining the reasoning behind each question, and gave me strategies to prepare for the SAT’s & ACT’s. They were very patient with me when I had difficulties and provided me with strategies to improve my reading, writing and math skills. I would recommend anyone who needs a tutor to go to Bulldog Tutors because they care about helping each student and provide individual, 1 on 1 attention. I feel very confident after being tutored for only a few months, and felt very prepared when it was time to take the SAT’s. Thank you both, Mike and Dan, for having patients and spending the time to help me do well on these tests!
Jessica R., Greenwich, CT
I’ve been getting tutored at Bulldog Tutors for about 6 months now. I have been receiving help in reading, learning phonics skills, and in writing instruction. The skills I have learned help me a lot in school and in everyday life. I am definitely more confident now than before I started instruction. I’m looking forward to learning new material that will continue to improve my skills even more.
Kevin K., Orange, CT
As a Mom and Dad concerned about our daughters SAT test and especially her math I reached out and found Daniel and Bulldog Tutors, The nicest people to work with!! !Really !!! Daniel got us an incredible tutor, covered all areas that were needed and our daughter was very happy as well, Thank you!!!
Dee S., Woodbridge, CT
Dan is extremely professional, responsive and accommodating. He matched our daughter up with Claudia who immediately made her feel comfortable. We are still awaiting test scores but our daughter said Claudia helped her a lot.
Donna A., Northford, CT
I was very impressed with Dan from the very first time I met him. His knowledge base and teaching style was perfect for my 16 year old son. Whether it is English class tutoring or SAT review, Dan connects with the student and puts an individualized plan in place. I was fortunate to have Dan as a speaker at our local middle school College Awareness Night. His expertise in SAT/ ACT review was evident to all who attended. I look forward to using Dan’s services to help my children reach their optimal SAT scores in the future.
Ann D., Hamden, CT
Dan was professional, thoughtful, and knowledgeable in his capacity as an educator and manager of Bulldog Tutors. Dan evaluated my son’s needs and perfectly placed him with an outstanding tutor for S.A.T prep. I was so impressed with Dan’s expertise and support that I referred several friends to enroll their kids in his program as well. They have been thrilled with the results.
Elizabeth B., New Haven, CT

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