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Finding the best LSAT tutors can be difficult, especially when many advertised LSAT tutors have never even attended law school. At Bulldog Tutors, all of our LSAT tutors are Ivy League law students or graduates with 178s and 179s as typical scores. Not only do they produce results that make an average score competitive and a competitive score perfect, they mentor students on their journey to law school. Bulldog Tutors’ standard of tutor excellence ensures that we provide the best LSAT preparation in Connecticut. Bulldog Tutors positions our students to win admission to the best law schools in the nation.

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Bulldog Tutors provides online tutoring for students across the United States. We have a 24/7 learning center in New Haven, CT from which our online sessions are conducted. We have found that many of the students looking for both fast results and flexibility choose our LSAT 1-on-1 online tutoring above the rest. Our tutors have the best LSAT strategies and are prepared to guide you through the Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Analytical Reasoning. Bulldog Tutors carefully devises a study plan specifically designed to optimize the time spent in sessions. Throughout the sessions, we compile semesterly progress reports and continue to fine-tune a student’s curriculum in order to provide the best and most personalized online LSAT prep in the US.

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