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MCAT Preparation: Our Tutors

Our MCAT prep tutors are Ivy League medical school students and graduates and have all earned the most competitive scores on their own MCAT, thus providing top quality MCAT prep in Connecticut. Our tutors are fully prepared to help you get there, especially given recent changes to the exam. 

What to Expect

There’s no way around it – the MCAT is a difficult test. Yet, our students regularly score in the top percentiles on the MCAT and gain admission to top-tier medical schools. Whether you’re looking to increase your score or to score a perfect 528, our MCAT tutors are there to help you achieve that goal. Our tutors have the best MCAT strategies for the new MCAT and are prepared to teach the MCAT Biochemistry, MCAT Sociology, and MCAT Psychology in order to prepare you for the new Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior section. And of course, the tutors are also fully equipped to teach the information contained in the previous MCAT Biological Sciences and the MCAT Physical Sciences. Click here to see what to expect on the 2015 MCAT.

Honing in on Weaknesses

If you have started preparation for the MCAT, you will have noticed that it is impossible to internalize every detail of the science for the MCAT. And so, after learning more about your particular strengths and weaknesses, Bulldog Tutors carefully devises a study plan specifically designed for you to optimize the time spent in sessions. Throughout the process, we measure progress through regular MCAT diagnostic tests and provide a full and transparent analysis through semesterly reports.

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