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LSAT Preparation: Our Tutors

All of our LSAT prep tutors are Ivy League law school students or graduates who have scored at least a 172 on their own LSAT. Our tutors provide the best quality LSAT preparation in Connecticut and across the US. Our tutors have all earned the most competitive scores and are fully prepared to help you get there, too.

What to Expect

Whether you’re looking to increase from a 145 to a 155 or from a 165 to a 175, Bulldog Tutors has a tutor for you. Students who have gone through our program have scored in the top percentiles on the LSAT and have gained admission to many top-tier law schools. Our tutors have the best LSAT strategies and are prepared to guide you through the LSAT Logical Reasoning, LSAT Reading Comprehension, and LSAT Analytical Reasoning. Throughout the sessions, we will compile semesterly progress reports and continue to fine-tune your curriculum in order to provide you the best and most personalized LSAT prep in CT. Click here to learn more about the LSAT. 

Honing in on Weaknesses

The LSAT is an intricate test, and certain students will undoubtedly have difficultly with certain sections. After administering a diagnostic LSAT test, we learn more about your particular strengths and weaknesses and choose the tutor best prepared to address them. Bulldog Tutors carefully devises a study plan specifically designed for you to optimize the time spent in sessions. Throughout the process, we measure progress through regular LSAT diagnostic tests and provide a full and transparent analysis through semesterly reports.

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