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ACT Preparation: Our Tutors

Our ACT prep tutors are Ivy League-educated and have all scored at least a 35 on their own ACT, thus providing top quality ACT prep in CT. Equipped with a multitude of real ACT practice tests, Bulldog Tutors has access to a wealth of test materials absent from other tutoring services to provide the best ACT preparation in Connecticut.

The Difference with Bulldog Tutors

Similar to our SAT preparation, Bulldog Tutors has a history of producing top scorers on the ACT. Our tutors are recent graduates and students who are familiar with the ins-and-outs of the ACT, and have spent time rigorously discerning the best and most effective methodologies for the ACT. The result: 1-on-1 tutoring with our top ACT tutors allows for an accelerated score increase from the average to above average range, but more remarkably, students who are high performing are able to easily break through plateaus between the 95th-99th percentile.

Our Process

After learning more about your child, we enact a student-tutor match based on a personal and academic fit. From there, we carefully devise a study plan in order to optimize the time spent in sessions. Each tutor is granted 24/7 access to our pristine tutoring center located in New Haven, making scheduling simple and the study consistent (Skype tutoring is also made possible through our Virtual Whiteboard technology). Throughout the process, we measure progress through regular diagnostic tests and provide a full and transparent analysis through semesterly reports.

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