Technology in the Classroom

Chalkboards, once a staple of the classroom, have long since fallen second to whiteboards. Whiteboards, in turn, were quickly replaced by SmartBoards. Students went from taking notes in spiral notebooks to typing up notes on laptops. Instead of turning in stapled sheets of paper, students are now expected to upload assignments […]

Stress in the Age of Standardized Tests

Standardized testing is starting younger and younger. The ISEE and SSAT offer Elementary Level tests, for students entering 4th and 5th grade, which means our children are sometimes taking these tests before they reach double-digits. And standardized testing does not end there – students take yearly, statewide benchmark tests to […]

Are the SSAT and the ISEE the same test?

Though the SSAT and the ISEE are both standardized tests used to apply to private middle and high schools, they are not the same. The private school application process, which often begins at a young age, is stressful enough–determining which test is right for your preteen should not add to […]