Tips on the College Application Timeline

Wondering how to approach the admissions process? Looking for a list of things to do in advance of your senior fall, and insight on when to do them? You’re in luck! Please see below for general guidelines on the college application timeline. SOPHOMORE YEAR Study for the SAT and PSAT […]

How Many Colleges Should You Apply To?

When crafting a college list, parents and teachers will often suggest a certain limit, but in reality, there is no “magic number” of schools you should target. Ultimately, the process is limited by the finite amount of time you have to complete the applications. You only have so many hours […]

Should I Apply Early Decision?

We’ve written previously regarding the difference between early action, early decision, and the variations on these application options. The follow-up question is: knowing the options available, should you apply Early Decision? This is particularly vexing for students who want to impress their top school by showing their dedication, but who may be hesitant […]