The SAT vs. the ACT – What to Know

The perennial SAT vs ACT question is one that has boggled students for years now. However, the decision as to which one you should take is simply a matter of how comfortable you are with specific skill sets. Structure At a glance, these two tests are very comparable. The SAT […]

Test Flexible and Test Optional Schools

For many high school students applying to college, taking the SAT or ACT feels like the most important day (or days) of their lives: their scores will determine the colleges to which they are likely to be accepted, altering the trajectory of their lives for the following four years and […]

Early Action vs. Early Decision – Knowing the Difference

Early Action vs. Early Decision As you enter the college admissions process, you will often hear the phrases “Early Action” and “Early Decision” tossed around. What is the difference between these two forms of applications? Actually, there are four distinct types of admissions cycles that colleges may offer outside of […]