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Private tutoring from Yale students and alum.

MCAT and LSAT Prep

Tutors from the Yale School of Medicine and Law.

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Elite Private Tutors

Our private tutoring services are based on the belief that proven ability on the exam and tested teaching skills make for the best tutors. Whether you need New Haven-based ACT tutor or a Guilford SAT tutor, all Bulldog tutors have a Yale education, exam scores in the 99th percentile and extensive tutoring experience.

Instructors and Role Models

Since all of our tutors are either current Yale students or recent graduates, they are familiar with the most recent versions of the standardized tests they teach. As high achieving students, Bulldog tutors remember being heavily tutored themselves and know what works best to prepare for the test. Additionally, our tutors are uniquely positioned to not only serve as great tutors, but also as mentors and role models to their students.

The Ideal Learning Environment

Our locations in New Haven and Guilford, CT are conveniently positioned to any New Haven area or Shoreline tutoring needs. Fully equipped with brightly lit private learning rooms, resources straight from the College Board, whiteboards for interactive learning, refreshments and a parents’ waiting room, Bulldog Tutors is the perfect place to improve grades and scores.

Frequent Progress Reports

After each session our tutors will send you a progress report through our online portal to keep you up to date on your child’s progress toward their goals.

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